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Updated: Mar 21, 2020

Fundraising progress and follow-up plan: LEAP supports frontline fighting with Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic

Supporting the frontiers of fighting with Wuhan Coronavirus, LEAP fundraising continues!

First of all, we sincerely thank our community and friends for their trust in LEAP. The progress of fundraising for restriction of Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak is as follows:

Funding: Since the fund-raising opened at noon on January 24, LEAP has received a total of US $ 204,861 from various sectors in North America, mainly in the Bay Area. For details, please scan the QR code after this paragraph. In addition, UCSF, Stanford, UC Berkeley and other college alumni associations in the San Francisco Bay Area have collectively raised about $ 47,800 and commissioned LEAP to coordinate the deployment. LEAP would like to express our sincere gratitude to all donors. At present, fundraising is still open, and accepts donations and commissions from alumni associations and other non-profit organizations and social organizations in the collective name.

Material purchases: LEAP volunteers have collected information on medical protective material suppliers across the United States, and are checking inventory and ordering one by one. So far, 12,420 sets of standard protective clothing have been ordered at a cost of US $94,219; 73,312 N95 masks, safety goggles, protective facial shields, surgical gowns and gloves have been ordered at a cost of $36,924; 22 sets of powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) and accessories have been ordered at a cost of $38,511. Friends are welcome to continue to provide source information.

Transportation and logistics: A number of verified logistics channels have been verified. Special personnel at the international flight segment are assisting in rapid customs clearance, and then send directly to the relevant hospitals in the affected areas. Any suggestions on inter-city transportation in Hubei Province after customs clearance are welcome.

Receiver hospitals: In addition to Wuhan, we also hope to pay attention to other cities in Hubei. At present, Qianjiang, Jingmen, Huanggang, and related hospitals have been contacted, and we are still communicating with cities such as Tianmen, Shiyan, and Shishou. We are continuing to collect information on material needs. Please contact the hospitals across the country to scan the QR code below to complete the questionnaire. LEAP will do our best to deliver the materials to the most needed locations, but due to the number of items and logistics conditions, it is not possible to guarantee that they can be delivered to the hospitals that complete the questionnaire.

Delivering progress: As of March 14th, all of the six shipments, including 117,000+ coveralls, N95 masks, safety goggles and etc, have been delivered to 40+ hospitals in Hubei province, covering Huhan, Xiaogan, Huanggang, Suizhou, Yichang, Dangyang, Qianjiang and Enshi.

Donation Channel: Venmo, Chase Quickpay and Paypal are acceptable at the moment. Details are as follows:

Venmo: LEAP-Initiative (Last four digits of phone verification 5388)

Chase Quickpay: (The name can be filled in arbitrarily, and the email need to be accurate)

Paypal: (Payee name: Liqin Zhang)

About Us:

We are LEAP, an open platform for entrepreneurship and innovation, academic exchanges, and mutual benefit in the life sciences field. We are a registered non-profit organization run by volunteers and regularly hold various life science-related events in the Bay Area. LEAP members have rich medical and social resources, and have close ties with major pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions. At this tense moment, LEAP volunteers decided to do everything in their power to fully assist Wuhan and surrounding areas with severe epidemics. Organization registration information is as follows:

Assistance channels:

We have now directly connected with the heads of related hospitals in Wuhan and surrounding cities and cities, and understand their direct needs. Due to the inconvenience of individuals in the United States to purchase corresponding materials and to ensure the safety and reliability of related materials, we have decided to adopt a unified procurement and unified delivery model for public fundraising. We will s end the much-needed supplies directly to the front-line medical staff and pay tribute to the medical staff in the ward.

Information disclosure:

In order to answer everyone's concerns about fundraising, material procurement, and logistics progress, promptly disclose information on the use of funds and tracking certifications, and further collect material requirements, we welcome you to join the fundraising WeChat group.

At this extraordinary moment, we hope that we could all stand up and make a small reliance behind the big hero.

We also welcome other organizations in the Bay Area and across the U.S. to work together to contribute to this battle.

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