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LEAP & MIT CEO Entrepreneur BootCamp Series II 第八讲 跨境知识产权架构与公司发展策略

4月30日本周五的 Entrepreneur BootCamp Series II 第八讲,我们邀请到 Deloitte的税务合伙人Vivien Wang与其同事,与大家共同探讨对于全球化布局的创业公司,如何通过知识产权策略和公司组织架构的设计,优化税负结构,高效和合规运营。课程将涵盖以下方面。同时为了提高针对性和互动性,我们也希望大家在注册时填写在公司税务、架构等方面着重关注的问题,嘉宾将会有针对性解答。

  • 离岸架构/红筹架构有哪些税收优势和合规须知;

  • 跨境运营的公司,如何合理设置知识产权结构,优化税负;

  • 美国税法改革方向和对初创公司的影响

时间:周五 2021年4月30日 5PM PT / 周五 2021年4月30日8PM ET /周六 2021年5月1日 8AM(北京时间)

嘉宾:Vivien Wang, Partner, Deloitte Tax LLP

Vivien Wang has over 22 years of public accounting and international tax experience, providing tax consulting, compliance, and tax accounting assurance services to various high-tech, biotech, and venture capital clients.Her experience includes structuring and globally managing both US inbound and outbound investments. Vivien specializes in IPO restructuring, merger and acquisition integration, and implementation of worldwide IP migrations and supply chain strategies for multinational clients.

Vivien is Deloitte’s US Inbound Practice leader for the West Region, focused on serving foreign companies’ investments in the US through both M&A and greenfield investment. Vivien is also the National Tax Leader of Deloitte’s US Chinese Services Group, where she manages a fast growing US inbound tax services practice to investors from the greater China area and Asia.



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