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LEAP & MIT CEO Entrepreneur BootCamp Series II-Regulatory and partnership considerations for Healthc

Jack will share an overview of regulatory issues that Healthcare / Medical Device / Digital Health companies should consider as they define their businesses, as well as share stories from his own companies on how they balanced legal risks with the practical need to get a business started. Additionally, Jack will share some of the issues that early stage companies should consider when they consider partnering with large institutions such as med-tech, pharma, and healthcare systems.

Time:Friday Apr.16th 7PM PST / Friday Apr.16th 10PM EST / Saturday Apr.17th 10AM CST


Ming Jack Po, MD, PhD, is the CEO and co-founder of Ansible Health, a company focused on home based chronic care management, starting with COPD. Prior to his current role, he was a product manager at Google working in Healthcare and Machine Learning. At Google, he has led teams in Health, Research, Cloud, as well as in Search. Prior to joining Google, Jack spent a decade working in different senior operating and venture capital roles in areas related to medical devices, healthcare delivery, and Global Health. Jack is a respected thought leader in the fields of Healthcare IT, Healthcare Delivery, Machine Learning, and BioDesign and he continues to teach and mentor students at Columbia University and Johns Hopkins University. In addition, Jack is currently a board member of El Camino Health System, a trustee of the Austen Riggs Center, a board member of AcademyHealth, a member of the NIH’s National Library of Medicine's Board of Scientific Counselors, and a member of the ONC's Interoperability Standards Priorities Task Force.

Jack received his M.D. and Ph.D. from Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons and from the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Columbia University’s Fu School of Engineering. He received his M.A. in mathematics, and his B.S. in Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University.


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Session 7


时间:周五 2021年4月23日 7PM PST / 周五 2021年4月23日10PM EST /周六 2021年4月24日 10AM(北京时间)



  1. 目前AI制药技术中那些实用的技术

  2. 我们的基于深度学习和基因指纹的药效预测系统(DLEPS)

  3. DLEPS在衰老、肥胖、高尿酸、NASH等疾病的应用案例

  4. 从DLEPS找到的功能化合物出发逆向发现新靶点

  5. AI制药在中国发展的机遇

协 办 机 构


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