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LEAP & MIT CEO Entrepreneur BootCamp Series II - US-China IP Strategy

Session 2: US-China IP Strategy

(This session will be conducted in Mandarin Chinese)

IP is the most important asset for life sciences and tech startups, and implicates the core value of the business. In the second session of our Entrepreneur BootCamp Series II, we will invite Miao Cheng, Esq. from Beijing Cheng & Peng IP Law Office to talk about the differences in U.S. and China IP protection systems, best practices to protect your IP if your business will involve operations in both countries, and pitfalls to avoid.

  • IP tips for entrepreneurs

  • U.S. and China IP systems

  • Major challenges for founders who build business in China

  • Case study on China market entry of multinational corporations

Time: 7:00 pm PT, March 12 / 10:00 pm ET, March 12

Registration Link:

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Next session broadcast: Lessons learnt from applying Machine Learning in Healthcare

Advances in machine learning (ML) and the availability of digitized healthcare data have contributed to a growing number of studies in ML applications for healthcare. A common goal of these ML models is to improve patient care, both for clinicians and patients. In this talk, I will discuss machine learning's translational process in healthcare: problem selection, data collection, ML model development, validation, assessment of impact, and deployment. In this framework, I will share the roadmap of our works in the space of ophthalmology and pathology. These works have demonstrated the potential of ML to improve the accuracy and availability of high-quality care drastically. Furthermore, some of the works started as pure research projects have transformed into systems for real patient care in several countries.

Time: 7:00 pm PT, March 20 / 10:00 pm ET, March 20

Speaker: Po-Hsuan Cameron Chen, Staff Software Engineer and a Tech Lead Manager of Machine Learning at Google Health. Cameron's primary research interests lie at the intersection of machine learning and healthcare. His research has been published in leading scientific, clinical and machine learning venues, including Nature, JAMA, NeurIPS, etc. Those research has also been covered by various media outlets, including the New York Times, Forbes, Engadget, etc. He received his PhD in Electrical Engineering and Neuroscience from Princeton University and his BS from National Taiwan University. Cameron was also a recipient of the Google PhD Fellowship

Future sessions in a glance

  • General:

  • Tax Structuring and Tax Considerations in Business Operations

  • Business Plan Drafting & Effective Pitching

  • Understanding the Financing Term Sheet

  • Entrepreneur Decision Making and Negotiation

  • Trends in Life Sciences Capital Markets

  • Fireside Chat on Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • More to come...

  • Subdivision:

  • Business Development for Life Sciences Companies

  • China - U.S. Drug Regulatory Systems

  • Regulations and pitfalls in healthcare

  • Case Study on New Drug Development

  • The Trends of China’s Healthcare Reform

  • Navigating Global Medical Devices Market

  • More to come...

LEAP is set to launch the Entrepreneur BootCamp Series II on March 5, 2021. The BootCamp this year will be running from March to June via online events. The sessions will cover practical skills to build a startup given by investors, lawyers, CPA, executives and successful entrepreneurs, with three major components:

  • General sessions, including core entrepreneurship knowledge and skill sets.

  • Focused sessions, including in-depth discussion on biotech and medtech hot topics.

  • Virtual incubation, providing one-on-one VC/Mentors to Participants coach sessions on specific questions faced by entrepreneurs, such as business plan, legal issues, pitching, connecting with VCs, etc. (Note this is a selective event and requires registering as a team. Please check the box and fill in the info prompted during registration if you are interested. )

We welcome all entrepreneurs, students, scholars and professionals in the field of interest to sign up for our sessions. In addition, we encourage participants to be included in our Talent and Alumni Network program, which we will provide more support for participants including matching partners for your startups, finding mentors and advisors, etc.


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